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Cnpair grandly launched AMH diagnostic antibody!
作者:cnpair    发布时间:2017-06-06

After more than 30 months of research and development and rigorous verification, cnpair has launched a high-quality anti-Mullerian hormone diagnostic antibody, which can be used in many technical platforms such as ELISA, CLIA and LF. Excellent correlation compared with imported reagents (R2=0.9624).


It is well known that anti-Mullerian hormone antibodies are a difficult point in the field of antibody research and development, and conventional mouse monoclonal antibody preparation techniques and systems cannot solve this problem. Cnpair, as a representative of tech company in the field of in vitro diagnostic raw materials, has concentrated the technical team and overcome many technical difficulties, successfully prepared and screened three high-affinity antibodies to form two high-quality antibody pairs. The launching of this diagnostic antibody has greatly improved the level and ability in the field of AMH diagnosis in China, breaking the monopoly of foreign technology and patent protection.



Cnpair AMH antibodies have unique advantages compared with domestic similar raw materials:

  • Going through a large number of clinical sample tests, the data is more objective and accurate.

  • No epitope conflict with raw materials used in commercial kits.

  • Two matching suggestions for you to choose.


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