Statement of independence

Cnpair is a professional in-vitro diagnostic raw material R&D, production and sales company. Since foundation, it has been committed to providing excellent diagnostic raw materials for global in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagent manufacturers. Cnpair does not involve the production of in vitro diagnostic reagents, and there is no potential commercial and market conflict with IVD manufacturers.

Statement on business ethics

At present, the company‘s partners are all over China and some foreign countries, many of which are leading enterprises in the industry, all of which have good cooperation and business contacts. However, based on the principles of business ethics and confidentiality, the company will not disclose any cooperation and details to any third party or individual without permission.

Shipping instructions

Cnpair is committed to providing high-standard services from production, quality control to sales and delivery. We choose domestic or foreign leading express delivery companies to deliver our goods safely and efficiently to customers around the world. We ensure that the temperature of the goods from the time of delivery to the customer‘s reception is controlled at 4~15 °C to minimize potential risks.

Information release and disclaimer

This website is the only website that Cnpair company officially publishes information. The information on any other website does not represent the official standpoint of our company. The company does not bear any legal responsibility.     Copyright is strictly prohibited. It is prohibited to copy in any form.
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