Introduction to the technology platform

Our company has gathered the earliest professionals engaged in the development and application of diagnostic raw materials in China, and has nearly 20 years of experience in the development of in vitro diagnostic materials. The E. coli expression system technology platform developed by us is the first technology platform for the in vitro diagnosis and production of recombinant antigens in China. It is also the first high-efficiency safe and secure technology platform for the development of genetic engineering vaccines. Based on the characteristics of E. coli expression systems, a complete set of techniques for purification, in vitro assembly and quality control of virus-like particles was established. At present, our company has used this technology platform to develop a large number of antigens and recombinant proteins for in vitro diagnostic reagents, such as HIV, HCV, TP, HEV, etc., and will continue to use this technology platform to develop more diagnostic antigens in the future. 


Virus-like particle assembly

Virus-like particles (VLPs) are protein particles that are similar to natural viruses in terms of morphology, structure, stereo symmetry, and conformational epitopes but are non-pathogenic.  VLP is highly immunogenic and can effectively stimulate the bodys immune system to generate immune protection by simulating natural viruses, resisting natural virus invasion. Therefore, VLP-based recombinant vaccine is one of the most important directions in the development of genetic engineering vaccines. At the same time, VLP can greatly improve the antigen-antibody binding efficiency due to its excellent spatial structure, which in turn helps to improve the detection level and capability of antibodies in diagnosis.

Antibody production technology

The antibody production technology has been in existence for a long time and is one of the most widely used technologies in the field of biotechnology. Diagnostic antibodies and antibody drugs developed based on this technology have occupied an important position in the field of biomedicine. Based on the unique myeloma cell fusion screening technology, our company has formed a set of specific high-affinity antibody production technology processes after decades of development. Based on this technical process, we have developed many star products, such as HIV P24 monoclonal antibody, TB-IGRA (IFN-Y) monoclonal antibody, PCT, CRP, PIIINP, HBsAg, cTnT, MYO, etc., creating a huge economy and social benefits.     Copyright is strictly prohibited. It is prohibited to copy in any form.
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