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MEDICA2019, Cnpair appeared again with complete success.
作者:    发布时间:2019-11-30


From November 18th to 21st, 2019, the annual global medical event-the International Hospital and Medical Equipment Supplies Exhibition (MEDICA) was held in Dusseldorf, Germany as scheduled. More than 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries around the world showed the latest and most advanced technologies and products to the world. Cnpair appeared again with series of high-quality IVD core raw materials, attracting many visitors for in-depth discussions and cooperation.

At this exhibition, Cnpair brought classic superior raw materials, such as PCT, IL-6, HIV, HBV, TB, FLU, PⅢNP, cTnT, SCC, Cy21-1 and other antibody / antigen pairings, and also brought the New and superior raw materials with excellent market-verified performance, including ProGRP, PIVKAⅡ, AMH, LF platform D-dimer, LF platform high-sensitivity IL-6 and other antibody pairs, have attracted the attention of new and old customers.

With years of technology and experience accumulated in the IVD industry, and the continuous introduction of new core materials with excellent performance, Cnpair has developed into a new force that cannot be ignored in the diagnostic raw material industry. In recent years, Cnpair has frequently entered the international market. For the well-being of all mankind, Cnpair will continue to promote the highest quality raw materials to the world!

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