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Cnpair complete relocation!
作者:admin    发布时间:2017-10-17

Recently, Cnpair officially completed the relocation work. Most part has moved to the Yuhang District International Student Pioneer Park in Hangzhou. The new venue has an office area, a public experimental area, an intercellular space, a molecular cloning room, and a warehouse. Such functional areas can basically meet the development and operation of the company in the next three years.


Cnpair is dedicated to the research and development and sales of high-quality in vitro diagnostic raw materials. It has formed obvious advantages in the field of infectious diseases and inflammation, and has made breakthroughs in the fields of myocardial and tumor, covering the current hot spot targets for R&D and application of IVD enterprises. Cnpair insists on providing data-supported products. The completion of Hangzhou Lab will enhance our ability in raw material R&D and verification, and provide customers with more detailed and reliable data, further simplifying customer screening and verification of our raw materials.


After the relocation, Cnpair officially opened a new sales business contact number 0571-88312485, responsible for national business consulting; while retaining the Shanghai office (phone 021-61401921 remains unblocked), mainly used for business contacts in the Shanghai area. In addition, you can also contact us through our website and the mobile phone of the business personal in the WeChat public account.     Copyright is strictly prohibited. It is prohibited to copy in any form.
ADD:Hangzhou Yuhang High-Biomedical Industry Area (170 meters east of Xinzhou Road)     TEL:021-61401921