Our company recruits the following positions:



In vitro diagnostic raw materials (IVD) sales engineer

1. Responsible for the sales of IVD raw materials in the area;

2. Responsible for the planning and execution of sales activities in the sales area, and complete the sales indicators;

3. Develop new markets and new customers, and increase product sales scope;

4. Maintain and enhance existing customer relationships;

5. Complete some technical support work and conduct technical exchanges with customers;

6. Responsible for collecting market and industry information and deepening understanding.


Regional sales executive

1. Do well in sales promotion and order collection in assigned region, and complete the sales indicators issued by the company;

2. Regularly visit customers, understand, collect and feedback market information in time, and be responsible for collecting and sorting customer information in the region;

3. Responsible for customer development, relationship maintenance and good communication, handling customer feedback;

4. Establish and maintain high-quality customer resources and optimize resource capabilities.;

5. Complete the temporary or routine work assigned by the superiors on time.

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