Cnpair is a professional IVD raw materials provider in China. We, Cnpair personnel, are dedicated to developing and delivering highly competitive raw materials for IVD assay development and research applications.


Cnpair was founded with the R&D and manufacture facilities in Hangzhou, and sale offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Xiamen. The core staff have rich research and development experience on the IVD raw materials, IVD assays and related fields.


Cnpair develops, produces and markets Antibodies, recombinant Antigens, native Antigens and Enzymes for IVD industry, especially immunoassay manufacturer. The products can be used for diagnosis on many markers, such as Infectious Diseases (HIV, HBV, HCV, TP, Influenza, TB, etc.), Tumor Markers, Cardiac Markers, Inflammation and Hormone.


We provide the raw materials used extensively in China, including HIV antigens, HIV p24 antibodies, TP antigens, TB stimulating antigens and anti-interferon-gamma antibodies, PCT antibodies, CRP antibodies, Influenza A NP antibodies, Influenza B NP antibodies and other great raw materials.



Company Vision:

To be a Leading IVD Core Materials Provider in the World


Company Value:

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ADD:Hangzhou Yuhang High-Biomedical Industry Area (170 meters east of Xinzhou Road)     TEL:021-61401921